Relationships and the Cards: Nathan Lane and Devlin Elliott

Nathan Lane was born on February 3, 1956, making him an Aquarius goat, 9 of spades, 2 of diamonds.

His husband, Devlin Elliott, whom he married in 2015, was born April 13, 1972, making him an Aries Rat, 8 of diamonds, Ace of clubs.

What are their connections in the cards?

The Eight of Diamonds first karma card is the Queen of spades, which is 3 cards apart from the 9 of spades in the past life spread, making it a sexy past life mars connection. Nathan Lane is so attracted to Devlin Elliott! And the feeling appears to be mutual.

Nathan Lane’s birth card, The Nine of Spades, has a first karma card which is the King of hearts, making Nathan Lane Devlin’s moon card, which is the perfect connection for marriage. Devlin Elliott’s planetary ruling card is the Ace of clubs, which sits right in front of the King of hearts in the past life spread.

Their planetary ruling cards, the 2 of diamonds and the 8 of diamonds, have a Uranus connection in the past life spread, making them friends first, with respect for each others differences. They allow each other a lot of freedom in this relationship.

This is a beautiful connection and a marriage that will last.

Nathan Lane is known for some of the most incredible performances in stage and screen, with a famous role being Albert in The Birdcage, starring opposite Robin Williams.

As a 9 of spades, he will find it easy to tug peoples’ heart strings, because of his first karma card, the king of hearts.


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  1. It seems you don’t utilize the vertical cards in the spreads. I would suggest they do add an influence. A lot is going on here. We can note that Devlin’s birth card is the vertical Venus card in the spiritual ( “past life”) spread of Nathan’s BC. Also, Nathan’s BC is in the vertical Saturn position in the spiritual spread of Devlin’s birth card. Nathan’s planetary ruling card is also in the vertical Saturn position of Devlin’s PRC past life spread. (Double dose of Saturn from Nathan to Devlin.) (..I referenced Robert Camp’s “Cards of Your Destiny” for those positions.)

    Nathan’s karma card, the king of hearts. shows up in vertical venus position in past life spread of Devlin’s BC.

    And where are you drawing the moon card from? For 8 of diamonds, Moon card is 10 of clubs. For Ace of clubs moon card is 3 of hearts.

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